Digital Brown Bag


Comparative Literature

Cube Whidden

Cube talks about his work in the private sector helping healthcare start ups.

The Simms Initiative

Matt Simmons

Matt talks about his work on the Simms initiative

History and Video Games

Mark Van Driel

Graduate student Mark Van Driel discusses how video games can be used as a teaching tool for history.

Useable Voids

Evan Meaney

Professor Evan Meaney (Media Arts) discusses new media, gaming, and glitch art in relation to his current and past work.


Mapping Slavery in Antebellum Columbia with GIS

Evan Kutzler

Evan Kutzler (History) discusses his work on slavery in antebellum Columbia using GIS maps and the challenges he encountered when incorporating these maps into the digital history project website, Slavery at South Carolina College: The Origins of the University of South Carolina.

Work vs. Research: Translating Paradigms of Scholarship from Computer Science to the Humanities

Duncan Buell

Professor Duncan Buell (Computer Science) gives his view on how to distinguish work and research, as well as the role of making tools in support of and as part of scholarly work.

Video Games and History

Joe November

Professor Joe November (History) discusses how history is represented in video games, focusing particularly on the pedagogical and intellectual opportunities games offer to the humanities.