Better Insights Into Linguistic and Cultural Shifts

Our first Future Knowledge lecture of 2013 will be--

"Better Insights into Linguistic and Cultural Shifts with an Improved Google Books Interface"
with Mark Davies

Brigham Young University Professor of Linguistics |

Co-sponsored with the Program in Linguistics
“Better insights into linguistic and cultural shifts with an improved Google Books interface”
Google Books is a promising tool for the study of language change, and how it may relate to historical, societal, and cultural shifts. However, the standard Google Books interface to the n-grams data only provides the most rudimentary of searches, and so much more could and should be done with the massive amount of data. In this presentation, I will discuss an alternative interface for the Google Books data (, which provides a much wider range of searches -- incorporating collocates, searching by part of speech, and an integrated thesaurus -- all of which provide much more insight into cultural changes than are possible with the simple, standard Google Books interface.

Lecture will take place on Friday February 1st in the Hollings Program Room of the Thomas Cooper Library at 3:30pm. Refreshments to follow.